Window Wipers

Window Wipers is an automotive product used to remove rain, snow or dust from wind-borne glass. In order to ensure that the driver has a good line of sight, to ensure safe driving. Our Window Wipers are equipped with long handles that provide maximum convenience when cleaning windows, making work a breeze.
Our Window Wipers can clean many places, such as car windshields, bathroom mirrors, shower glass doors, home glass windows and more. It also has the following characteristics:
* Durable parts are made of stainless steel, durable and not easy to corrode;
*Window Wipers strips are made of high quality special glass scraping strips that can be replaced;
* detachable combination, easy to carry; easy to operate;
* Specifications vary in size
We are one of the best window wipers manufacturers and suppliers in China. There is a wide selection of high quality automotive products for sale. Feel free to wholesale hot sale window wipers at competitive price from our factory.