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Car Essentials --- Car Warning Triangle
Jun 21, 2017

Car Warning Triangle are made of plastic reflective material passive reflector, the driver encountered a sudden failure on the road parking or accident occurred when the use of triangular warning signs to reflect the reflective performance, you can remind other vehicles to avoid , So as to avoid a second accident. In general, the driver in the discovery of the front of the triangle warning signs need to go through a discovery, clearly visible front warning signal, take measures to brake, slow down, to avoid such a process. Take a car traveling at a speed of 100 kilometers per hour, usually at least 10.8 seconds of response time or at least 350 meters. This requires a triangular warning sign with a strong reflective, so that the driver the first time to see it.

car warning triangle.jpg

On the general road, the driver should set a warning sign 50 meters away from the direction of the car; on the high speed road should be set up warning signs outside 100 meters; pay special attention to some special circumstances, such as rainy days or in the bend, be sure to 150 meters outside the warning signs, so as to make the rear of the vehicle early detection, the night when the vehicle accident, placed warning signs is particularly important.