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Car Floor Mats for Interior Decoration and Environmental Protection
Jun 20, 2017


Car floor mats is a collection of water, dust, decontamination, noise, protection of the main blanket five main functions as one of the environmentally friendly automotive interior parts. Car mats are internal decorations, to protect the car outside the car clean, play a beautiful and comfortable embellishment role.

car mats make your car clean.jpg


Car mats have water, dust, decontamination can effectively prevent the soles of residual moisture, stolen goods and clutch, brake and throttle between the sliding, reduce security risks, reduce the possibility of interior pollution and damage, after all, cleaning pad More convenient than the cleaning interior, more economical. Thick substrate can prevent chassis noise and tire noise, improve driving comfort, and even can absorb the sound of the echo.

Suede car mats can also be the remaining noise and the car sound echo and so completely absorbed clean, to protect the hearing from damage.