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Car Vacuum Cleaner make your car more cleaning, you will need it!
Jul 03, 2017

Basic performance:

1, clean up the car inside the scraps of paper, waste. Let your car become more clean.

2, the power of 60W, the use of car cigarette lighter socket as a power collection socket, and has up to 3 meters extension line, enough car any corner of the toilet dust and clean use.

3, the use of voltage: 12V


Buy skills:

1, The size of the vacuum cleaner choice:

The size of the vacuum cleaner should match its own car, the existing car vacuum cleaner with large and small points. General small cars can choose portable vacuum cleaners, large cars (suv), etc. to choose a large vacuum cleaner.

2, The power of the vacuum cleaner:

The power of the vacuum cleaner is not necessarily the better, the general power of 60W can be achieved on the use of the requirements, but the requirements are not too serious for the dust can be cleaned up, if the dust is no way to clear the dust. So the general recommended power in about 130W, the best practical, cost-effective the highest.

3, The choice of the length of the vacuum cleaner:

Car vacuum cleaner generally standard line length of 2 meters, many owners in the purchase of the line length is ignored, just look at the machine does not look long, and so on when the line was found broken, so the general recommended line length of 4.5 meters , It is enough to cope with the use of almost all vehicles.

4, The choice of vacuum cleaner accessories:

Car vacuum cleaner a lot of standard accessories is not enough, like some of the dead end of the car if the accessories are not complete, then it is difficult to clean up, so that the best choice when the advice about the use of the seller accessories, So that the car can be completely clean.