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How do we use a battery clip?
Sep 21, 2017

The method of connecting the battery clip is as follows:

(1) first start the line of red wire clamp in the "rescue" red battery on top of the pole.

(2) and then the other end of the red wire clamp in the "rescue vehicle" on the red battery cathode.

(3) the black wire clamp in the "rescue" black negative battery.

(4) Then the black wire clamp in the "rescue vehicle" on the black negative battery.

(5) start the "rescue vehicle" engine, and then start the "rescue" engine. If you can not start the rescue, please check whether the metal contact part of the poor contact.

When you start the engine, you still need to remove the flame in sequence, otherwise it may cause a short circuit.

Booster Cable Using.jpg

The procedure for removing the lines is as follows:

(1) first to "rescue" black wire to remove.

(2) and then "rescue car" black wire removed.

(3) Then the "rescue vehicle" red wire removed.

(4) Finally, the "red car" was removed.

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