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Introduction of license plate frame
Jul 04, 2017


License plate frame mainly play a fixed license plate, protect the license plate, protect the body, to prevent the body by the license plate damage the role of the body, the license plate rack and then install the anti-theft screw can achieve the role of anti-theft, but also some imported car license plate installation hole in the domestic license plate installation hole Not the same, license plate rack can also play a compatible import license plate installation problem. License plate rack style is very much, not only satisfied with the protection of the license plate, but also to 

achieve the effect of beauty, open on the road full of personality, which owners do not want their car to become more beautiful.



According to material points:

There are ABS plastic license plate frame, aluminum alloy license plate frame, iron plate license plate, zinc alloy license plate frame, stainless steel license plate rack, black titanium plate license plate, magnesium alloy license plate rack. ABS plastic material license plate rack will not rust is easy to break; aluminum alloy license plate frame is relatively easy to break but rust-proof effect is good; iron plate license plate hardness, not easy to break, but the rust effect is not very good; Alloy plate license plate will not rust, but this material is very soft, it is easy to break; stainless steel plate license plate frame brightness, good materialtoughness, rust effect is good; black titanium plate license plate material is good, Anti-rust effect Ye Hao; magnesium alloy license plate rack is also popular for the past two years, beautiful appearance, no rust, not easy to break.

By use points:

(Car club, army, Che Kwun, 4S shop), license plate tray (Che Kwun where the kind of), built-in license plate rack, the license plate (the most commonly used on the market) Rolling shutter remote control license plate rack, flop license plate rack. (The latter three are not allowed on the market). Typewriter license plate with the most widely used, the club can make you know which car club, military car license plate frame above also have to distinguish between what is the civilian which is the military, the car is also issued by the license plate frame typing The main is to distinguish which area of the car, 4S shop typing license plate racks are mostly written 4S shop service hotline and repair phone to facilitate the owner contact 4S shop.