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Tow rope - temporary trailer for faulty vehicles
Jul 11, 2017

Tow rope is generally used for temporary trailers for faulty vehicles.


Two hooks or loops, for ease of use.

Ordinary rope:If there is no dedicated trailer rope, commonly used to carry more than 2t weight of cotton yarn or nylon rope instead. The rope is tied to the trailer and the towed car.

Tow Rope Using.jpg

Tow rope:A special trailer rope, the length is generally 4.5m, both ends with forging anti-decoupling, the use of more convenient.

Trailer bar:For those who can not control the direction of the brake can not brake the car, trailer rope can not be used, only the use of trailing rod rigid connection, the length is generally about 1.8m. With square steel pipe or round steel pipe production, both ends also with anti-decoupling.

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