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Use car sun shade, enjoy a good mood to travel!
Jul 04, 2017

Front sun shade:

The former shade block varieties are not too many, generally have two kinds of aluminum foil and non-woven fabrics. Aluminum foil in general the general "light board" type and pattern type, the size is generally 60 * 130cm, suitable for most small cars. There are sucker aluminum foil insulation shade block easy to use, after the start, with a suction cup in the front windshield glass or inside the window glass can be.

In the less hot season, the color pattern can be placed out, if the weather is very hot, you can foil out to ensure that the sun is reflected. In the purchase before the shade block, it is best to choose with a sucker, the material texture to be more hard. "Light board" type or too cheap before the sun block itself is not quite enough, it is easy to fall, so do not seek cheap. Generally have a brand of front shade packaging materials used better, there are special places to put the sucker, sucker is not easy to be bad. Poor brand must be sucked, the remedy is to put it in boiling water for a while.

If the car front window glass is relatively wide, the general front sun block can not block, you can choose a pair of two, this shade like those jeep type are covered. Some vehicles before the top of the window glass no shade area, you can paste a wind block stickers. Can beautify the vehicle, you can also play a part of the function of shade.


After the shade shade:

After the sun block is generally prepared for the guests to ride, and some high-end vehicles after the shade are the original configuration, for the telescopic, generally black mesh, this shade effect is good and beautiful and convenient, is the best After the shade block. For the original car without shade after the block, only with their 

own one. Now the market is relatively small monochrome, most are cartoon. Purchase these products should pay attention to the size of the product and other relevant information in order to purchase according to the actual situation of their own vehicles. If the rear window of the vehicle is relatively small, it is best to use the suction cup is arranged in the triangle, this fixed position is relatively small, the other as the four-point fixed sucker-type position. There is also a cheaper price, but not with a sucker.

In the purchase of such products, we must first understand the size of the rear window of the car to see if it is not appropriate, or although bought a bargain, if not used up or not admit, regret may be trouble, return or replacement Is a costly and sucking thing.


Side sun shade:

When driving in summer, the sun coming from the side window is still very powerful. Paste the film effect is not very good, still tan skin hot. The following to compare several side of the sun block.

1, ordinary gauze side of the sun block. This type of shade is usually with two suction cups, or in the middle with a suction cup, the advantage is to take down more convenient, but the problem is that when the window to shake down, you may touch the sucker, especially only two Sucker that side of the sun block, it is easy to fall.

2, electrostatic sticker side of the sun block. Electrostatic sticker side shade is better than gauze shade. Unique mesh thread empty translucent design, will never make people feel boring and closed. Paste should pay attention to the bottom of the paste into the window when the 5cm or so, so there will not be shaking down the glass when 

the electrostatic discharge up the situation. When not in use, the electrostatic paste directly down, wash with water, and then roll up with a smooth paper, you can re-use later. Buy electrostatic stickers to pay attention to is to ask the material is soft or hard.

Some manufacturers use materials is relatively poor, to do the product is relatively hard, like cardboard, the new product to open when the static sound of the crack is small, this electrostatic paste for a long time, the adsorption will soon disappear, and thus fall. The other also need to pay attention to is that should be based on the size of their own windows to buy the appropriate size of the electrostatic paste, too small will reduce the shade effect, too much will block the sight of the rearview mirror, the purchase should pay attention to see the product description.