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What Is The Microfiber Cloth?
Jun 23, 2017

Microfiber Cloth:

Microfiber (generally the fineness of 0.3 denier, that is, the diameter of 5 microns below the fiber known as ultra-fine fibers. Overseas has made 0.00009 denier ultra-fine filament, if such a wire from the Earth to the moon, its weight is not Will be more than 5 grams. China has been able to produce 0.13-0.3 denier of ultra-fine fibers) due to fineness is very fine, greatly reducing the rigidity of silk, made of fabric feel very soft, fiber wire can also increase the silk layered structure, Specific surface area and capillary effect, so that the fiber within the reflected light on the surface distribution of more delicate ultra-fine fibers can absorb their own weight 7 times the dust, particles, liquid. Each filament is only 1/200 of hair. This is the reason why ultra-fine fibers have super clean ability. The gap between the filaments can absorb dust, grease, dirt, until washed with water or soap, detergent.

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These gaps can absorb a lot of water, so ultra-fine fibers have a strong water absorption. And because it is only stored in the gap, can make it quickly dry, so it can effectively prevent the breeding of bacteria. Ordinary fabric only backlog and push dirt. There will be a residue on the surface to be cleaned. Because there is no gap to accommodate dirt, so the rag surface will be dirty, and difficult to clean. Now the equipment conditions can be better enterprises can produce ultra-fine fiber, double-speed technology research car towel | car gloves research department experts have done a survey, they found that the market is now producing ultra-fine fiber equipment for Germany and other foreign production equipment.

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PVA Chamois Cloth:

Suede is a wild animal muntjac skin, grain more disability, thicker than the sheepskin, fiber tissue is also more closely, is the processing of suede leather upper leather. Suede is divided into raw suede and cooked suede, raw suede is generally used to wipe the car in the glass or mirror, cooked suede is generally used to wipe high-precision instruments, such as microscopes / refractometer, etc. And so on, because this kind of cooked suede is very soft, and not easy to skateboards, therefore, many antique line will use this kind of thing jade jade / wiping toys and so wipe the glasses effect is particularly good.