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What Is The Role Of The Boocter Cable?
Jun 21, 2017

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Booster cable is an auto parts, the manufacturer made the battery clips are made of high quality metal materials, not only durable, wear-resistant, and good conductive performance. When the car inflatable pump in the use of the process, if the load caused by the increase in cigarette lighter insurance, then the role of the battery folder is very important, it can be the car's inflatable pump and battery directly connected, you can provide it power supply. If the cigarette lighter plug is normal, then the battery clip is used to assist the start of the power clip, both can be used directly to charge, but also can be made into a cable to facilitate the use of charging and car start.When the battery clip as the battery to charge the electrode clip, as long as the clip in the tail connected to the charging line, the battery clip correctly caught in the positive and negative battery on it. Some of the battery if the electrode is not good for wiring, then use a crocodile mouth like the battery folder is more convenient.