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Why customers would like to use FOB terms?
Jun 07, 2017

1. Simple and reliable. Choose FOB terms, that is, with their own designated shipping companies. And these designated freight companies are often co-operation with the customer, so the customer's products, customer requirements, as well as the destination country clearance procedures are very clear. Therefore, the choice of FOB offer, the customer is more simple to communicate, but also more reliable.

2. Easier comparison of prices. FOB terms are "on board" price, that is, customers as long as the cost from China to the destination. And the cost of exporting countries, such as domestic transport costs, documents, customs fees, etc., do not need to account. Therefore, if the customer receives two or more suppliers after the FOB price, then he is more likely to compare the price directly more directly.

3. Low cost. FOB offer, first of all, the customer in the destination port of the relative cost will be lower. Second, because it is a long-term cooperation of the freight company, so the international transport costs will be lower.

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