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Automobile Emergency Tools Is A Very Important
Sep 18, 2017

The vehicle emergency tool refers to the automobile emergency vehicle which assists the owner to deal with these problems in case of malfunction or accident. In order to make their own driving safer, and in order not to let the disaster come to nothing, please put on your car with a few car emergency tools.

People often only in the problem will regret when not ready, watching a lot of car owners because of heavy rain and other reasons, especially in the side, let us feel deeper. Car Emergency Tools More people feel the fragility of life, really is not afford a little negligence. If she had had a safety hammer in her car, maybe the accident wouldn't have happened, and if she had known how to save herself, she might not have found out. However, reality does not have so many "if".

Therefore, in order to make their own driving safer, Car Emergency Tools and in order not to let the disaster come to nothing, please on your car with several kinds of car emergency tools.

1. Triangle Warning Sign

Triangle warning signs of the role of the trust that no netizen does not know. It is a very important vehicle emergency tool, in the event of unexpected things, Car Emergency Tools will it in the rear of the car, used to remind the rear vehicle, timely avoidance, to avoid the occurrence of the second accident.

In the ordinary road on the emergency, the triangle warning card generally placed behind the car about 50-100. If at night or on the freeway, the distance needed to be placed farther.

2. Jack

The car jack is placed in the car's emergency kit, which is used to top the body when replacing the spare tyre. The automobile Jack has the pneumatic jack, the electric Jack, Car Emergency Tools the hydraulic jack and the mechanical type jack, commonly used is the hydraulic and the mechanical jack. The car jack is used to replace the spare tyre, driving out of the car outside the tyre is bad for easy replacement.

When using the mechanical jack of the car, Car Emergency Tools must aim at the force position of the vehicle

3. Wrench

Like a jack, the new car is now usually equipped with a tire wrench. When the tyre fails, it can be replaced in time.

Of course, if the owner has a bit of maintenance knowledge, you may wish to carry a common vehicle emergency repair tools.

4. Fire Extinguisher

Fire extinguisher car with fire extinguisher is an important vehicle car emergency tools, but many car owners are not equipped with fire extinguishers for cars, Car Emergency Tools until the danger will not help.

If the fire extinguisher pointer is in the "Reload" area, the gas pressure in the tank is lower than the normal pressure; if in the "super filling", it means that the normal use pressure, the two cases, remember to replace the fire extinguisher.

5. Safety Hammer

As we all know, before the car glass take-off and landing are hand-cranked, so very few cars will be equipped with, usually only appear on the bus. However, Car Emergency Tools with the replacement of electronic take-off and landing machinery, the rainy day on the road there is a safety hazard, that is, the window is not open after wading.

At present, the market has a single function safety hammer and multi-function safety hammer two kinds. When the owner is in an emergency, if you need a broken window, use a safety hammer to smash the four corners of the window, because the middle part of the tempered glass is the most solid.

6. Spare tire

Although the spare tire is not the vehicle emergency tool, but when the vehicle has the tire and so on, the vehicle spare tire is very necessary. At least you can keep driving to the nearest repair shop, so drive a car must take a spare tire.

Car spare tire is divided into full size and not full size, generally in the trunk, there is also a rear-hanging. Spare tire as emergency equipment, the owner must check its tire pressure regularly.

7. Tow Rope

Car trailer ropes are generally made of cloth belts. Steel wire. The length of the rope is (3m-10m). Features: Hook or loop at both ends for ease of use.

Trailer rope should be selected color eye-catching, such as yellow, blue, fluorescent green, fluorescent red and so on. It is also necessary to note that faulty cars are best driven by experienced drivers, Car Emergency Tools so that they can respond better to emergencies.

8. The FireWire

The line of fire is when the vehicle is not able to start the car, using it can be activated by another vehicle battery. It should be noted that the two vehicles can not have any contact, the electronic system of the two vehicles must have the same voltage.

In the FireWire connection, the first line of the red wire clamp on the "rescued" the positive red battery. Then the other end of the red wire clamp in the "rescue car" on the positive red battery. Put the black wire clamp on the black cathode battery of the "rescued car". Then put the black wire clamp on the "rescue car" black cathode battery. Start the engine of the "rescue car" before you start the "rescued car" engine. If the "rescued car" is still unable to start, Car Emergency Tools it is necessary to check the metal contact part of the contact is not bad.