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Automotive Emergency Tools Are Essential
Aug 04, 2017

A vehicle emergency tool is a tool that accomplishes the owner's handling of these problems in the event of a failure or accident. Automotive emergency tools generally include emergency hammer, first aid kit, large capacity fire extinguisher, folding reflective warning signs, car inverter, take electricity over the line, car fuses, pump, walkie-talkie, waterproof tape, insulation tape Tire tools, trailer rope and so on.

Look at the following car emergency tools, the car did not pay close attention to buy, do not distinguish that thirty hundred and fifty ocean, you still on the road for a while enough.

Fire extinguisher

Fire extinguisher car fire extinguisher is a very important vehicle tools, but many owners are not equipped with fire extinguishers for the car, until the time of danger can not help. Car Emergency Tools Fire extinguishers are basically placed in the trunk

safety hammer

We all know that before the car glass movements are hand-cranked, so very few cars will be equipped with, usually only appear on the bus. However, with the electronic lift instead of mechanical movements after the rainy day wading there is a security risk, that is, wading off the window is not open. Car Emergency Tools Safety hammer a lot of good, the best choice to have weight, texture, full-featured, preferably with a cut seat belt function of the knife. At present, the market has a single function of safety hammer and multi-function safety hammer two. Car Emergency Tools When the owner encounters an emergency, if you need to break the window, use the safety hammer to drop the four corners of the window, because the middle of the tempered glass the most solid.

Spare tire

Although the spare tire is not a tool, but when the vehicle appears puncture, etc., the vehicle spare tire is still very necessary. At least you can keep driving to the nearest repair shop, so travel must take a spare tire.

The spare tire is usually stored in the trunk, Car Emergency Tools the latter behind the trunk. Car spare tire is divided into full size and non-full size, are generally placed in the trunk, there are post-hanging. Spare tire as emergency equipment, the owner must regularly check the tire pressure.



The car jack is placed in the car's toolbox and is used to lift the body when replacing spare tires. Car jack with pneumatic jack, electric jack, hydraulic jack and mechanical jack, commonly used is the hydraulic and mechanical jack. The car jack is used to replace spare tires and drive out of the tires off for easy replacement.

Usually placed in the trunk, part of the vehicle will be placed in the front wall of the vehicle or under the driver's seat.

Triangle warning sign

The role of triangular warning signs believe that no users do not know. It is a very important tool, in the event of sudden things, it will be placed in the rear of the car, Car Emergency Tools used to remind the rear of the vehicle, in time to avoid, to avoid the occurrence of secondary accidents. Triangle warning signs are usually placed in the trunk.

 In the ordinary road on an emergency situation, the triangle warning card is generally placed in the car after 50-100 or so. If at night or on the highway, the distance to be placed needs to be far further.


As with the jack, now the new car is generally equipped with a tire wrench. When the tire failure, the timely replacement of their own. Of course, Car Emergency Tools if the owner himself still have some maintenance knowledge, may wish to carry a common set of maintenance tools.

When lifting the tires, release the handbrake and cover the other wheels with bricks.

Tow rope 

Car trailer rope generally by the cloth. Wire. Car Emergency Tools Nylon rope made into the length of (3M-10M). Features: two hook or loop, in order to facilitate the use.

Trailer rope should be selected for eye-catching colors such as yellow, blue, fluorescent green, fluorescent red and so on. Also note that faulty cars are best driven by experienced drivers, so that they can better respond to emergencies.

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