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Car Cleaning Products Can Thoroughly Remove All Kinds Of Stains
Oct 24, 2017

Introduction and function of automobile cleaning products

The exterior coating and interior parts of the car are made up of different materials, different materials to adopt different cleaning methods and use of different beauty care supplies to the right remedy, to achieve the best beauty care effect, otherwise it will cause adverse chemical reactions, Car Cleaning Products not only to achieve the effect of beauty care, but will cause damage to the surface of the material.

There are a wide variety of car cleaning supplies. Car cleaning products, the use of a wide range of materials, according to the role of car beauty care products and efficacy of the car cleaning series supplies, car Care series supplies and automotive professional Protection series supplies three categories.

Auto Cleaning Products

1. The role of car cleaning products in car washing

(1) To achieve rapid and efficient cleaning. Car cleaning products Decontamination ability, can greatly improve the cleaning speed, and can be combined cleaning and nursing, Car Cleaning Products reduce the beauty process, improve work efficiency.

(2) Ensure the quality of cleaning. The use of car cleaning products not only clean and thoroughly remove all kinds of stains, but also do not damage the paint surface, the body has a very good protective effect.

(3) Save cleaning cost. Clean grease with car cleaning supplies, Car Cleaning Products can reduce the consumption of solvent oil, 1kg car cleaning supplies can replace 30kg solvent oil, reduce cleaning costs around 90%.

(4) Conducive to the protection of the environment. The use of environmentally friendly car cleaning supplies cleaning cars, can reduce environmental pollution. Therefore, the car cleaning products should be used as far as possible to clean the car to ensure the quality of cleaning.

2. The principle and kind of descaling of automobile cleaning products

(1) Types of car fouling

1 Water soluble dirt (easily washed away). Water soluble dirt mainly includes soil, sand, dust and so on.

2) Non-water-soluble dirt (cleaning with car cleaning supplies). Non-water-soluble fouling mainly includes soot, mineral oil, grease, colloid, rust, waste condensate and so on.

(2) The principle of descaling of automobile cleaning products. Car Cleaning Products Automotive cleaning products include wetting, adsorption, solubilization, suspension and decontamination of the five processes.

1) Moist. When the car cleaning supplies and the car surface stain contact, the surface of the cleaning is easy to be car cleaning supplies wetting, and car cleaning products can be deep into the small pores of the accumulation of dirt, so that dirt and washed the surface of the adhesion weakened, loose.

2) adsorption. Auto cleaning products have the ability of electrostatic adsorption on dirt particles, Car Cleaning Products and can prevent dirt from being deposited.

3) solubilization. Dissolve the dirt in a car cleaning solution.

4) suspension. Automotive cleaning products contain surface active substances, in the cleaning process, car cleaning supplies can make solid dirt to form suspension liquid, Car Cleaning Products so that the liquid dirt to form a turbid floating liquid, easy to be removed from the surface of the attachment.

5) decontamination. Finally, the dirt is washed away by a high-pressure shot.