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Car Cleaning Products Improve Car Air Environment
Jul 12, 2017

Car wash, should be used car cleaning supplies, not including silt, oil, acid-base and other harmful impurities of water, if the choice of their own cleaning is necessary to ensure that there is no sand in the bucket or dirt particles and other impurities, in order to avoid accidental washing when the car to paint. Car Cleaning Products If a stain (such as guano, insect carcasses, or mud traces) is adhered to, you need to spray some slack on the surface or rinse with water a times (do not scrub immediately), soak for a period of time to soften the soil, stick with the flies and other attachments, and then rinse, do not try to scrape, because it will be easy to scratch the paint.

In the removal of dust in the car, adsorption of harmful substances, purifying the air inside the car, some supplies can also play a decorative interior, active car atmosphere role. Today, Car Cleaning Products editors recommend several car cleaning products to help improve the air environment in the car.

1. Car Cleaner

Cars are becoming more and more common, and the second space for life and work. For a car race, the dust in the car is always a headache, especially in the previous period of time when the wind blowing dust, pollen, frequently switch doors will give dust intrusion caused by the opportunity, poor sealing performance will cause the accumulation of dust in the car.

Dust attached to the dashboard will affect the driver's reading parameters, Car Cleaning Products attached to the windshield will also affect the driver's sight, and dust is the source of all diseases, the long-term accumulation of large quantities of dust in the car will increase the probability of great respiratory disease.

In order to deal with the dust in these vehicles, the simple and effective way is to use the car vacuum cleaners, the weight of their own light, directly connected to the cigarette lighter can work, can effectively remove the attachment in the canopy, seat, air-conditioning tuyere in the stubborn dust.

2. Vehicle Air Purifier

Vehicle Air Purifier.jpg

Car air pollution is mainly the seat, roof tent used glue, as well as textiles, plastic parts and other vehicles in various decorative materials volatile benzene, formaldehyde, acetone and other toxic gases. Car Cleaning Products The distribution of these harmful substances at all risks the health of the owner, but these things are an essential part of the car decoration.

To solve these problems, one is to send hope and manufacturers in the production phase of strict quality safety, on the other hand can only through the owner's own later improvement. Car Air purifier is designed to purify the air inside the car odor, poisonous and harmful gases, bacteria and viruses in the air pollution of the purification equipment.

At present, the car air purifier on the market whether the type or function is relatively rich, different functions of the vehicle air purifier is not the same, so the owner needs to be based on their own purchase.

3. Bamboo Charcoal Bag

Bamboo charcoal Bag For the owner is no longer unfamiliar, a mention of bamboo charcoal are aware of its powerful role, its special physical structure, quality of porous, with super strong adsorption capacity, Car Cleaning Products so become the most common purification of air supplies.

After processing of bamboo charcoal, has been widely used in the automotive flavor, air purification, and so on, its negative ions and super adsorption, can effectively adsorb formaldehyde, benzene, TVOC and other harmful human health gases. In addition, bamboo charcoal also contains rich minerals, Car Cleaning Products these substances can produce anion and release far-infrared, promote blood circulation and metabolism, ease fatigue.

The appearance of bamboo charcoal bag has become more and more diverse, in addition to a variety of modelling, a variety of colors, has been made into a variety of cartoon modeling, game Role modeling, by the owner love, has become a unique part of the car decoration, decorated with car interior atmosphere.

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