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Car Cleaning Supplies Improve The Air Environment In The Car
Jun 30, 2017

How do car cleaning products choose?

Washing sponge: dedicated car wash sponge is also divided into several categories, try to buy holes in the sponge, with the role of sand adsorption, but also more prone to foam. Car wash sponge is generally cheaper to sell, the larger sponge is better to use.

Wiping towel: car weaving cloth generally have the following types: ultra-fine fiber car cloth, suede / artificial suede car cloth and wool car cloth and so on. Car wash should use a car wash towel to clean the vehicle, do not use a dry towel to clean the car, Car Cleaning Products because the special car wash towel will not like ordinary towels on the surface of the car body to leave fine hair, car paint damage is also smaller. The glass is recommended to use suede fabric, because the suede to the watermarking ability is relatively strong, after the glass will not leave the water mark will not retain the villi obstruct the line of sight.

In the removal of dust inside the car, adsorption of harmful substances, purifying the air at the same time, some supplies can also play embellishment interior, active car atmosphere role. Today, the editor recommended several car cleaning supplies, to help improve the car air environment.

1, car vacuum cleaner

car vacuum cleaner.jpg

The car has become more and more common, called life and work of the second space. For the car owners, the car dust is always a headache, especially in some time ago the wind blowing dust, pollen, frequent switching doors will cause dust to invade the machine, the sealing performance is poor Will cause the accumulation of dust inside the car.

Dust attached to the dashboard will affect the driver to read the parameters attached to the windshield will also affect the driver's line of sight, and the dust is the source of all diseases, Car Cleaning Products the long-term accumulation of a large number of dust will make people increase the respiratory tract And the probability of various diseases.

To deal with these vehicles dust, simple and effective way is to use the car vacuum cleaner, light weight itself, directly connected to the cigarette lighter can work, Car Cleaning Products can effectively remove attached to the roof, seats, air conditioning in the stubborn dust.

2, car air purifier

car air purifier.jpg

Car air pollution is mainly the seat, the roof of the glue used, as well as textiles, plastic parts and other interior decoration materials volatile benzene, formaldehyde, acetone and other toxic gases. The distribution of these harmful substances all the time not harm the health of the owners, Car Cleaning Products but these things is a car essential decorative parts.

To solve these problems, one is to hope and manufacturers in the production phase of strict quality and safety, on the other hand only through the owners of their own later improved. Car air purifier is dedicated to purify the smell of air in the car, toxic and harmful gases, bacteria and viruses and other indoor air pollution purification equipment.

Currently on the market of car air purifier, whether it is the type or function are relatively rich, different functions of the role of car air purifier is not the same, Car Cleaning Products so the owners need to purchase according to their own needs.

3, bamboo charcoal bag

bamboo charcoal bag.jpg

Bamboo charcoal package for the owner is no longer strange, a mention of bamboo charcoal know its powerful role, its special physical structure, the quality of porous, with superior adsorption capacity, so become the most conventional cleaning supplies.

After processing bamboo charcoal, has been widely used in cars in addition to taste, air purification, etc., the resulting negative ions and super adsorption, can effectively adsorb formaldehyde, benzene, TVOC and other harmful human health gas. In addition, bamboo charcoal is also rich in minerals, Car Cleaning Products these substances can produce negative ions and the release of far infrared, and promote human blood circulation and metabolism, relieve fatigue.

Bamboo charcoal bag appearance has become more diverse, in addition to a variety of shapes, a variety of colors, has made a variety of cartoon modeling, the role of the game shape, loved by the owners, has become a unique part of the car decoration, and embellishment The atmosphere of the car interior.

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