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Car Cleaning Supplies Save Fuel
Jul 24, 2017

Classification and Function of Automobile Cleaning Products

Understand the classification and role of car cleaning supplies, can help people choose the right maintenance supplies to carry out maintenance of the car. Here is a brief introduction to what classification of car cleaning products.

According to the function of car cleaning supplies can be divided into: protection class, repair category, stop leakage category, promote class, clean category and so on. The same time as

1, the protection of supplies: the car cleaning products will be added to the oil, the assembly, Car Cleaning Products the components play a cleaning, anti-corrosion, anti-rust effect, to extend the assembly, parts of the service life.

2, repair category supplies: Add these items to the lubricating oil, Car Cleaning Products can change the performance of lubricating oil, reduce engine friction resistance, extend the engine life. The same time as

3, stop-type supplies: these items will be added to the cooling system, lubrication or gearbox, such car cleaning products can stop the cooling system, Car Cleaning Products lubrication system and gearbox leakage.

4, the promotion of supplies: the car cleaning products added to the fuel, can improve fuel performance, promote fuel combustion, improve combustion efficiency, save fuel, enhance engine power, reduce emissions. The same time as

5, cleaning supplies: the use of such supplies added to the oil, Car Cleaning Products such vehicle cleaning supplies can be a system (such as cooling, lubrication) or assembly (such as transmission) for cleaning.

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According to the use of parts classification Car cleaning supplies can be divided into: engine (engine) cleaning agent, fuel system cleaning agent, air cleaning system cleaning agent, Car Cleaning Products air conditioning system cleaning agent, ternary system cleaning agent, gearbox system cleaning agent and so on. The same time as

1, the engine (engine) cleaning agent: quickly and thoroughly clean the engine internal coke, sludge, sediment, reduce frictional resistance, Car Cleaning Products this car cleaning products can reduce and stop the wear of engine parts, resistance to sludge, coke formation, delay Lubricating oil failure and other effects.

2, fuel system cleaning agent: This car cleaning supplies can safely and quickly clean all fuel system components, clear the nozzle, improve the atomization effect, provide power performance, quickly reduce fuel consumption, reduce exhaust emissions, eliminate idle instability, Knocking, starting difficulties and other failures. The same time as

3, the intake system cleaning agent: safe and fast cleaning throttle body, strong to clear the intake valve, inlet, cylinder wall and piston ring at the top of the coke and impurities, Car Cleaning Products lubrication throttle valve butterfly valve, increase power, save fuel. The same time as

4, air conditioning system cleaning agent: quickly and thoroughly clean the air conditioning system evaporator, the air duct and the internal parts of the cab dirt to improve the heat exchange rate, the real removal of the virus and mold on the evaporator, this car cleaning supplies can be effective Improve the air quality inside the vehicle, improve the cooling effect, save energy, extend the life of the compressor system components.

5, ternary system cleaning agent: the rapid elimination of accumulated in the three catalytic converters inside the various chemical mixture of the phenomenon of congestion, to solve the problem of exhaust is not smooth, to restore the three catalytic converter activation performance, Car Cleaning Products to extend the life of three catalytic converters The The same time as

6, gearbox system cleaning agent: This car cleaning products can be safe and effective thorough cleaning automatic transmission within the German metal debris, glial, sludge and other deposits, 100% completely replace the old gearbox oil, to maintain power transmission stability, Effectively improve the anti-oxidation capacity of automatic transmission, reducing gearbox wear, reduce noise, return to the gasket and O-ring flexibility, to protect the system seal.

The above is the main classification and role of automotive cleaning supplies, Car Cleaning Products automotive supplies to remind all users of the car, we must correctly choose the car cleaning supplies, car beauty products and automotive cleaning supplies, etc., in order to make your car performance more superior in order to maximize The role.

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