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Car Emergency Tools Let You Cope When Something Goes Wrong
Nov 03, 2017

With the growing popularity of cars, many people choose to avoid the peak tourist season, take advantage of the weekend attractions by car traveling by car. By car on their own way, it is inevitable that they will encounter various problems, for example, broke down, the battery ran out of electricity, the tire leaked and other troubles. Prepare a fully equipped, practical car emergency tool that works in the event of a malfunction or accident.

1, warning triangle: warning, lighting, first aid, who also serve a wide range of multi-application

Driver encountered sudden failure on the road Parking maintenance or accident occurred, the use of triangular light warning signs can remind other vehicles in time to avoid secondary accidents. Car Emergency Tools Ordinary triangular warning signs thin and easy to be blown down, due to the triangular warning signs were injured accidental countless addition, the function has been gradually eliminated than single, triangular warning lights appear triangular warning signs in the past a large Improve, use of high-quality metal materials, Car Emergency Tools set the warning light first aid function in one, in addition to fault warning purposes, can also be used for search and rescue, municipal road construction, field activities and many other areas, the critical moment can also be used as lifesaving hammer.

2, car inflatable pump: inflatable, manometry and "top" use

The weather is neither cold nor hot is a good season to play, drove to the countryside field travel unexpectedly halfway tire pressure is not enough in this village not to shop deep forests ----- panic; on the way to work, on the way, when traveling Missed the wrong time after the fish and bear's paw are not available ------ anger; no traffic jams in the general feeling of a sudden burst of tire ----- terrible. These scenarios are real in life, Car Emergency Tools the lack of tire pressure significantly lower safety factor, fuel consumption surge, the tire will be severely worn, ready to be equipped with a car car inflatable pump is still very necessary. Small car safety supplies under the inflatable pump is not just just an inflatable pump, but also when used as a jack, air pump, jack, Car Emergency Tools tire pressure gauge overall, breaking the limitations of a pit of radish, you can inflate and top Change the role of the car back and forth. The previous inflatable pumps, jacks, tire pressure gauges are independent individuals do not intersect, but do not have the function of ultra vires. Car inflator is an innovative embodiment of high-tech, regular testing of tire pressure, you can also use the tire as a jack to use, when the tire pressure inflated tire can also be timely inflated to ensure driving safety, for motorcycles, bicycles Tires and ball boats can be inflated, a wider scope of application.

3, car first aid kit: life off, always ready

Car emergency kit generally includes Band-Aid, disinfectant, buckle tourniquet, elastic bandages, gauze, disposable gloves, medical tweezers and other sparrows are small and complete. Maybe many drivers do not feel the need to bring these things on the one hand, feel skilled driving on the one hand, Car Emergency Tools they fasten their seat belts and the car was also installed a lot of safety equipment, protective measures are in place, but always prepared, these Although there is no first aid kits advanced equipment of those high-tech, but will cause traffic accidents hurt, self-help to reduce the damage factor down.

4, tire kit: "tire" gas, do it yourself

Long-distance driving or the rugged mountain road tires will cause varying degrees of wear and tear, if not lucky may also be Sharp sharp tie to the tires, continue driving is likely to cause safety problems, stagnation in the wilderness can only sit still. If early with car tire emergency repair tools, Car Emergency Tools then come in handy, car tire repair is not difficult, you will use it as a torn paper with Scotch tape, the truth is the same. If the nail tie, first unplug the nail with a pin to stab the hole in the general plastic into the hole after the completion of cut off excess tape, do it yourself in a very short period of time can be completed, these tape sticky super Strong high temperature wear resistance strong, at least to ensure that no one left the deserted remote areas, Car Emergency Tools find repair points specifically for tire repair.

5, tow rope: pull a hard time

Trailer rope generally by the tape, steel wire, nylon rope into a system for the temporary use of vehicles in trouble. Whether the rain is pouring in the summer or snow-covered winter, the car either wading or snow slipping all the people carts time-consuming and laborious, Car Emergency Tools go out to travel into the quagmire unable to extricate themselves, running on the car fuel run out, no matter what level of car form inevitable Will encounter a variety of problems, called the rescue company trailer fee is not a small number, in fact, a tow rope to get, stop a passing car, the tow rope hook were hung in the two vehicles, respectively, and rescue facilities, difficult moments Pull one.

6, reflective clothing: warning others to protect themselves

Our common is the roadside sanitation workers Traffic Association to wear such clothes, reflective clothing is the main part is made of reflective material, both in the day and night can play the function of retroreflection, the high reflective eye-catching alert Role, to protect the safety of staff. Car Emergency Tools Suitable for road workers, traffic administrations, cleaners to use, although the reflective clothing is suitable for special groups in society, but also for a car owners also apply to stop the car on the road to stop wearing the reflective vest warning rear driver, Avoid causing unnecessary damage.