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Characteristics And Selection Of Automobile Cleaning Products
Sep 06, 2017

Car beauty is a complex system engineering. Car decoration materials, structural materials due to the use of factors and environmental factors, the need for cleaning and maintenance, and the appearance of the car coating, exterior parts and interior parts of the material complex, so different materials require different cleaning methods And the use of different car cleaning supplies, in order to achieve the best cosmetic care effect, otherwise, will cause a bad chemical reaction between the surface caused by damage.

Car beauty in the decades of development, Car Cleaning Products its beauty materials have been diversified, serialized. Car beauty materials are often referred to as car cleaning supplies, features and selection.

The role of automotive cleaning supplies ① to achieve fast and efficient cleaning Car cleaning supplies strong detergency, can improve the cleaning speed, but also with cleaning and care of two kinds of effects, improve cleaning efficiency.

② cleaning quality high car cleaning supplies not only can wash away a variety of stains, Car Cleaning Products and not hurt the paint, the paint has a protective effect.

③ save cleaning costs with car cleaning supplies decontamination, can reduce the consumption of solvent oil.

④ protection of the environment using environmentally friendly cleaning agent to reduce the pollution of the environment.

Types of car dirt 

① Water-soluble soils Water-soluble soils include soil, sand and dust. Car Cleaning Products Water can be easily washed away.

② water insoluble dirt water insoluble dirt mainly include charcoal, mineral oil, grease, glues, rust, exhaust condensate, etc., must be cleaned with car cleaning supplies.

Cleaning of automotive cleaning products Car cleaning products in addition to dirt, including wetting, adsorption, dissolution, suspension and decontamination of the five processes.

① wetting. When the car cleaning supplies and car surface dirt particles on the contact, because the car cleaning supplies solution on the dirt particles have a strong wetting force, Car Cleaning Products deep into the dirt aggregates in the small gap, so that the dirt and the surface cleaning force is weakened, Loose.

② adsorption. The inorganic ions formed by the electrolyte in the vehicle cleaning products are adsorbed on the dirt particles, which can change the electrostatic attraction to the dirt particles and prevent the redeposition of the dirt.

③ dissolved. So that the dirt dissolved in the car cleaning supplies solution.

④ suspension. The surface active material in automotive cleaning products can cause dirt particles to fall off the attachment surface, form a suspension, and rinse off.

⑤ decontamination Finally, with high pressure water gun to wash away the dirt.

Through this wetting - adsorption - dissolution - suspension - decontamination process, continuous circulation, Car Cleaning Products can remove the dirt on the car surface clean.

Car cleaning supplies and product characteristics in accordance with the car car cleaning supplies cleaning function can be divided into non-dewaxing car cleaning supplies, dewaxing car cleaning supplies, two-in-one vehicle cleaning supplies and professional automotive cleaning supplies. Different cleaning products have different product performance and precautions.

Do not dewaxing car cleaning supplies when the car is not dewaxing cleaning should be used without dewaxing car cleaning supplies. This car wash fluid is currently in the domestic and international automotive professional beauty industry widely used in the water vehicle cleaning supplies. Car Cleaning Products This car car cleaning products is different from degreasing degreasing agent, the formula is basically no alkaline salts, usually prepared by a variety of surfactants, with a strong infiltration and dispersion ability, can effectively