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Precautions When Installing Towels
Jun 15, 2017

Off-road vehicles generally use 9 meters 12 Dayton drag rope, we generally choose nylon tow rope, even if the drag rope break will not cause a lot of accidental damage, if it is broken wire rope snake will cause very serious accidental injury.

1. Locate the trailer hook at the rear of the tractor and the trailer in front of the trailer. Many car trailer hook position design in the lower part of the bumper, usually in the vehicle manual marked with a clear location, the owner can also be observed before and after the bumper hidden hidden space, where the use of circular or square cover Location is the location of the car trailer hook.

2. Some car trailer hooks are split and need to be assembled when used. Tow Rope After removing the cover on the bumper, assemble the truck to carry the hook.

3. Install the trailer tool. Whether it is the use of soft or hard trailer tool, the installation must ensure that the connection when the car hook firmly and reliably, the design of the hook on the safety lock need to lock in place. Check the front and rear connections again before the trailer travels. At both ends of the towel does not install the soft tow rope in the use of bundled knot, if the death knot after a huge traction pull will make it difficult to unlock the towel.

4. Tractor starting with a block to ensure that the big torque to provide adequate traction, while the tractor needs to control the speed, to maintain a smooth driving, when a slight resistance to increase the power output. Manual transmission models to avoid Meng Meng clutch pedal, the use of semi-linked slowly start, Tow Rope so as not to cause damage to the car.

Tow Rope Precautions

1. should choose the eyeful of eye-catching trailer tools, such as yellow, blue, fluorescent green, fluorescent red and so on. The color is not enough to hang the colored cloth on the trailer tool. Night trailers try to use towels with reflective material to increase the warning effect. The trailer to be lit lights, if there is no electricity can not light, there must be eye-catching signs such as in the rear marked "fault car" and so on to remind the rear of the vehicle to avoid. Before and after driving the vehicle should open the double flash warning light, Tow Rope along the outermost lane driving, you can also be tractor car behind the "trailer" logo indicate other vehicles carefully driving.

2. Trailer tools to be in the front and rear side of the vehicle trailer hook position to install, such as the fault car for the left hook, then the tractor should also choose the left hook to ensure that the road after the straight line. And in the installation of trailer hook must be checked afterwards to ensure that the trailer hook installed fastened, so as not to use the trailer hook in the process of playing out.

3. pay attention to before and after the car communication with. Trailer has a lot of knowledge, which is very important between the front and rear drivers. Trailer drivers should be established between the reasonable driving routes, to avoid complex road conditions and congested sections. If there is no walkie-talkie as a communication tool, you need to put on the road before the start, slow down, turn, Tow Rope downhill and other operations of the communication signal, so before and after the car control.

4. Control the safety distance. When using a tow rope trailer to prevent the occurrence of rear-end, you need to master the distance and speed. General tow rope length of 5 to 10 meters or so, so the car should be controlled within the effective range of the towline to keep the tow rope in tension state. Experts advise the speed of the trailer must be controlled at 20 km / hour.

5. The old driver is suitable for driving the faulty car. Experienced drivers should control the back of the car, and less experienced drivers should drive the front of the tractor. Driving, the tractor to control the speed, pay attention to maintain a smooth, Even if the front is flat, straight road, Tow Rope do not hang high speed. Parking, you should choose a wide area, the first speaker or gesture to inform the car, and then slow down to continue to drive, after judging the car has been riding on the roadside, and then slowly stop.

6. The slope of the bend to deal with the potential risk. Trailer in the downhill section of the risk factor increased significantly, depending on the road to take a different approach to deal with. If the ramp is not long, hanging rope downhill, the car do not easily hit the brakes, and then the car can light on the brakes, so that the rope is always taut The Encounter the corners, the two cars as far as possible in advance to play the lights, should take the method around the big circle, the most hurry to brake. Through the narrow detours, should be along the road outside the road, so as not to drive out the road outside.

7. tow rope in the traction after the car, we should pay attention to whether the road surface formation, or will give the tow rope to bring a huge impact and break the impact.