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The Buying Skill Of Tow Rope
Oct 24, 2017

The vehicle problem cannot move, call the trailer too expensive not worth, then the tow rope on the use, no matter what level of the model, should be in the trunk to prepare a set. The appearance of the tow rope is best used in the eye-catching color, most of the rope material can be reflective at night, Tow Rope as far as possible choice. The length of the general tow rope is about $number meters, so the vehicle distance should be controlled within the effective range of the tow rope, and keep the tow rope in a tight state.

The maximum tensile strength of a rope can be different depending on the material and manufacturing method. At present, the most common drag rope in the market is divided into 5 tons, 10 tons, 12 tons and 15 tons four kinds, for the general domestic car rescue, 5 tons is enough, Tow Rope if you drive is SUV and often go off-road, it is recommended that you choose a 10 ton or higher tonnage tow rope.

In the selection of towing rope should pay attention to, be sure to color eye-catching, most of the material can be towed rope reflective at night, as far as possible to choose this. In addition, according to different materials and manufacturing methods, Tow Rope rope can withstand the maximum tensile force is also different, from 1-5 tons have, drag rope hook size and fastening way is also different, so according to their own car trailer ring type to choose tow rope. We have personally encountered because the towing rope hook big and the car trailer ring small and unable to rescue the situation, it is a delay.

When choosing a tow rope, the owner should pay attention to the weight that the rope can bear. In general, the specifications of the tow rope are 3 tons, 5 tons, 8 tons and 10 tons, because the domestic small vehicle weight is about one to two tons, so it is enough to recommend the use of 5 tons of tow rope when purchasing. It is important to note that when choosing the tow rope, make sure that the hook on the tow line matches the trailer hook of the vehicle.

Trailers in the city, Tow Rope because the drag rope is not very large, so no longer the rope to build heavy weights, but suggest hanging a striking sign in the middle of the rope, such as the bright color of the rope, some professional tow rope on the standard a small flag, is also a good choice, In addition the small flag avoids the cable break descendants can see the direction of the cable and assists the spin down effect.

Driving operation:

Trailer, in front of the car must take into account the back of the vehicle, starting and parking should be "slow, smooth" principle. Start to use 1 block, manual car slowly lift the clutch to move the vehicle forward slowly, automatic car type slowly release the brakes, until the slack tension, and then normal start. Tow Rope If you start too strong, drag rope is very easy to hurt, this is a safety hazard, do not cause this cause two accidents. Of course, even if your rope is strong enough, people in the car will complain when they start.

When the downhill should be extra careful, then the front must not be emergency braking, because the vehicle is towed to the distance of only 10 meters, the reaction time is very limited, so in front of the emergency brake, the car will inevitably kiss you. Someone would ask, "What if the brakes don't stop?" "It has been said that the distance from the car will be much longer than usual, Tow Rope leaving enough time for reaction and operation." Then if the car is found to have issued a brake signal, should follow the brakes in time, the strength to adjust at any time, the purpose is to keep the drag rope is close to the state of tension, otherwise scrape on the ground what things on the bad.