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The Car Emergency Tool Is Equipped
Sep 06, 2017

Look at the following car emergency tools:

Fire extinguisher

Car fire extinguisher is a very important vehicle vehicle emergency tools, but many owners are not equipped with fire extinguishers for the car, until the time of danger can not help. Fire extinguishers are basically placed in the trunk

safety hammer

We all know that before the car glass movements are hand-cranked, so very few cars will be equipped with, usually only appear on the bus. However, with the electronic lift instead of mechanical movements after the rainy days of wading there is a security risk, that is, wading off the window is not open. Car Emergency Tools Safety hammer a lot of good, the best choice of weight, texture, full-featured, preferably with a cut seat belt function knife. At present, the market has a single function of safety hammer and multi-function safety hammer two. Car Emergency Tools When the owner encounters an emergency, if you need to break the window, use the safety hammer to drop the four corners of the window, because the middle of the tempered glass the most solid.

Spare tire

Although the spare tire is not a car emergency tool, but when the vehicle puncture, etc., the vehicle spare tire is still very necessary. At least you can keep driving to the nearest repair shop, Car Emergency Tools so travel must take a spare tire.

The spare tire is usually stored in the trunk, the latter behind the trunk. Car spare tire is divided into full size and non-full size, are generally placed in the trunk, there are post-hanging. Car Emergency Tools Spare tire as emergency equipment, the owner must regularly check the tire pressure.


The car jack is placed in the car's emergency engine kit and is used to lift the body when replacing spare tires. Car jack with pneumatic jack, electric jack, hydraulic jack and mechanical jack, Car Emergency Tools commonly used is the hydraulic and mechanical jack. The car jack is used to replace spare tires and drive out of the tires off for easy replacement.

Usually placed in the trunk, some vehicles will be placed in the vehicle front cover or under the driver's seat.

Triangle warning sign

The role of the triangle warning card that no users do not know. It is a very important car emergency tool, in the event of a sudden thing, it will be placed in the rear of the car, Car Emergency Tools used to remind the rear of the vehicle, in time to avoid, to avoid the occurrence of secondary accidents. Triangle warning signs are usually placed in the trunk. In the ordinary road on an emergency situation, the triangle warning card is generally placed in the car after 50-100 or so. If at night or on the highway, the distance to be placed is much longer.


As with the jack, now the new car is generally equipped with a tire wrench. When the tire failure, the timely replacement of their own. Of course, Car Emergency Tools if the owner himself still have some maintenance knowledge, then, may wish to carry a common vehicle maintenance vehicle emergency tools.

When lifting the tires, release the handbrake and cover the other wheels with bricks.

Hard step on the line, not bad step.

Tow rope 

Car trailer rope generally by the cloth. Wire. Nylon rope into the length of the (3M-10M). Features: two hook or loop, in order to facilitate the use.

Trailer rope should be selected color eye-catching, such as yellow, blue, fluorescent green, fluorescent red and so on. Also note that the faulty car is best driven by an experienced driver, Car Emergency Tools so that it can better respond to an emergency.

Take the line

Summer special attention, that summer comparison, we turn off the engine after the car is more like driving air conditioning, sound, etc., and this power is very large, if your vehicle battery just use time is relatively long, But also happens to often open, can not afford the phenomenon of fire is normal, Car Emergency Tools I was still on the road two back. Car fire line is when the vehicle can not start when the power, it can be used through another vehicle battery to start. The use of the process to note that the two cars can not have any contact, two cars of the electronic system to have the same voltage. When connecting the FireWire connection, first turn the red wire clamp on the starting line above the red battery positive pole. And then the other end of the red wire clamp in the "rescue vehicle" on the red battery cathode. The black wire clamp in the "rescue" black negative battery. Then put the black wire clamp in the "rescue vehicle" on the black negative battery. First start the "rescue car" engine, and then start the "rescue" engine. Car Emergency Tools If you find "was rescued" still can not start, it is necessary to check whether the metal contact part of the poor contact.


Whether it is day or night, the car and the car light is not very good, so we have to prepare the flashlight, of course, if there is better burst flash

Oil bucket Do not think that only a fool will need, no oil is still on the road more than one, otherwise, insurance companies, road rescue how will there be oil service,

Tires car emergency tools + inflatable pump

Often on the road to go, how can not tires China's road conditions we all understand that character no matter how good, but also hide the tires were bar situation. This situation occurred in the city is also a good solution, but if the village does not exist in the village before the desolate road, and no spare tire or spare tire is also bad (the latter really a few), you call every day Should be friends. So, I suggest that each owner, Car Emergency Tools at least often run long-distance owners, or should be prepared with a tires emergency emergency vehicle emergency tools. If you really want to do a handsome DIY owners, to reverse the embarrassing situation of the wild wreckage, it is recommended that you master the gun-style tire repair skills, in fact, it is easy to buy a car spare parts to buy empty tire car Emergency tools, the price is generally 20 yuan -30 yuan. The car emergency tool has two handle with a car emergency tool, a circular file, a large awl, in addition to a sticky tape with a small bag. Buy a small pump, the price is generally up and down in the 100 yuan, with some of these things can be tires. DIY tire repair program is the first place where the tires were punctured to find out, pull out the tires into the pier, if the puncture point is very small, first with a round rasp of the extension of the tape, and then string with a strip of awl The strip into the broken mouth, do not all the pieces into the tires, leaving 1 cm in the outside, pull out the awning tires to make up. A tape can be divided into two sections, if the break can be inserted more than a few. But the break in the side of the tire and relatively large, this method can only be used as an emergency. The flaw is not durable enough, and it is difficult to cope with larger wounds, so it is usually only possible as a temporary remedy, and it is advisable to re-fix the damage to the tire

message board 

Carry a card with their own contact information, not only in blocking others when people can give a convenient, and if the parking, other vehicles accidentally cut to rub your car, but also facilitate the other owners to contact you, this It's also good for yourself.

pure water 

Water is not only for people, but also for cars. Especially in the summer of summer, Car Emergency Tools in the trunk to prepare a few bottles of pure water, it is particularly important. Summer out of easy to dehydrate, plus a long time the car air conditioning will accelerate the dry skin, so the need for frequent replenishment. Some time ago the news about the delivery of mineral water in the car has been proved to be rumors. Experts explained that stored in the car bottled water bottle will break down carcinogenic substances, is no scientific basis for the argument. Car Emergency Tools We often drink bottled water bottle composition material PET, scientific name is polyethylene terephthalate, is a non-toxic chemical materials, encountered high temperature will dissolve, but the daily high temperature is not reach the temperature of PET decomposition of. For the regular production of qualified PET bottles manufacturers, even in the summer high-temperature cars will not have the decomposition of the occurrence of the reaction, even if there are dissolved substances, but also a small amount of the body is not a hazard, in the safe use of the scope within.

For cars, replenishment is also important. In the high temperature of the summer, some old vehicles of the engine water tank water consumption increased, or even a pot of the situation. So when the water level is low, it is necessary to add a special water tank in a timely manner, no conditions can also be used instead of drinking pure water, can not use mineral water and tap water, because they are easy to produce scale in the tank pipe, effect. In addition, often use the wiper water cleaning function of the owners who should also need to regularly add wiper cleaners, it is not, but also need pure water to help, if you can add some detergent, the effect is better. In order to avoid scale plug the cleaner nozzle, the same should not add tap water or mineral water.