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The Choice Of Towing Skills
Aug 04, 2017

Drag rope in the vehicle when the emergency use of the anchor, like a safe trailer, you must use a safe tow rope, the following talk about how to choose safe and reliable tow rope.

1 look at the material of the towline.

Dragons generally have nylon and wire, Tow Rope both have their own strengths, nylon use of light, high strength rope. But for the general car, nylon rope is enough.

2 optimistic about the thickness and width of the tow rope.

The strength of the tow rope is inseparable from its thickness and width. Thin some of the tow rope, must be wide for some Caixing; if it is round hemp rope, Tow Rope to be thick some of the strong.

3 View the hook of the towline.

Hook is good or bad is the key to the strength of the rope, the rope and then strong, hook is not strong but also in vain. When looking at the towline, Tow Rope pay attention to see if the hook is durable, a lot of poor quality hook, gently aside, so that the tow rope is very safe.

4 optimistic about the length of the tow rope.

Drag rope is too long is too short, the appropriate length is 3 - 4 meters, so that the two cars both to ensure a sufficient distance, but also timely drag the car up. Too long a rope is easy for the back of the car to the tow rope.

5 Carefully check if the hook interface is secure.

Tow rope and hook no problem, Tow Rope but there is a place can not be ignored, that is, the connection between the tow rope and the hook is stitched, if you can not worry about sewing a seam.

Choose the right trailer tool

First of all to clarify that we are going to introduce traction trailer, that is, a car in the back after the towing tool traction in front of the towing vehicle. With the professional rescue of the trailer using the loading or semi-loading trailer is not the same way, Tow Rope trailer trailer operation complex and quick, easy to get started, and the use of lower cost. The right owners in the emergency operation of their own, for the early problems of the disposal of precious time.

Trailer trailer towing tools are divided into soft tow rope and hard trailer bar two. The material of the tow rope is made of high strength fiber fabric or steel wire, and tow hooks and buckles are tied at both ends of the tow rope. Hard trailer rod by the steel pipe or iron instead of the rope, the same at both ends with drag hook and lock. For the use of safety and trailer effects, the trailer is undoubtedly a better choice, Tow Rope the trailer when the hard trailer has a better traction power, especially when the traction vehicle to get brake control, the hard trailer To ensure that the front brake is too heavy when not hit by the car. Of course, the tow rope is not nothing, saving space, cheap, the use of sensitivity and so are its advantages, and the theory that the soft tow rope can be fully capable of the use of the basic trailer, because it has become a private owners of the preferred tool.

The correct operation of the trailer

1. Locate the trailer in front of the tractor and the rear of the towed vehicle. Many car trailer hook position design in the lower part of the bumper, usually in the vehicle use manual marked in a clear position, the owner can also be seen before and after the bumper found hidden space, where the use of circular or square cover cover Status is the location of the car trailer hook.

2. Some car trailer hooks are split and need to be stopped when used. Tow Rope After removing the cover on the bumper, assemble the truck to carry the hook.

3. Device trailer tool. Whether it is the use of soft or hard trailer tool, the device must ensure that the connection when the car hook solid and reliable, the design of the hook on the hook need to lock in place. In the trailer before driving again and again before and after the convergence of the situation. At both ends of the device does not install the towel of the soft tow rope in the use of bundled knot, if the play after the end of the great traction pull will make the tow rope is difficult to unlock.