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The Correct Use Of Vehicle Emergency Tools
Jun 15, 2017

The so-called vehicle emergency tools refer to tools that assist the owner in handling the problem in the event of a failure or accident. Automotive emergency tools generally include emergency hammer, first aid kit, large capacity fire extinguisher, folding reflective warning signs, car inverter, take electricity over the line, car fuses, pump, walkie-talkie, waterproof tape, insulation tape Tire tools, trailer rope and so on.

Owners friends have had this experience: When the car in the roadside failure, only to find a tool available within the trunk; when the car drowning, life is threatened, only to find tools can be used to escape No……

Natural and man-made disasters, around a variety of car accident accidents occur from time to time, but many owners are lack of rainy day concept. After the accident, only to know regret is not a good thing. For driving more secure, but also to prevent the disaster came helpless, today you recommend driving the necessary 9-life insurance emergency vehicle tools.

The correct use of vehicle emergency tools.

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One, safety hammer

In some accidents, the vehicle after the impact of the door deformation may lead to the situation can not be opened to escape, this time will use the safety hammer, Car Emergency Tools the market has a single function of safety hammer and multi-function safety hammer two, car steel The middle of the glass the most solid, in the use of safety hammer hit the window when the window to hit the four corners of the window and found a crack, and more to a success on the success.

Two, triangular warning signs

Triangle warning card is made of plastic reflective material passive reflector, so the correct way is placed on the side of the reflective layer of the direction of the vehicle, using its return reflective performance to remind the incoming vehicle, if placed wrong Then it will lose its proper role. In addition, Car Emergency Tools put the warning signs at the same time, do not forget to open double flash lights, this need to bear in mind.

In the general city loop, if it is during the day, put the warning card on the car after 50 meters of the place can be put at night about 100 meters away. High-speed road, because everyone's speed is faster, so the warning card to put relatively far, almost 150 meters or so, to the past owners to reserve enough buffer space and time.

Third, spare tire and tire changing tools

If the vehicle puncture, be sure to put a warning sign in the rear of the car, to ensure that the safety of hands-on change. Jacks and wrenches are the main tools for changing tires, Car Emergency Tools but do not rush to the roof, because you also need to take advantage of the first wheel screw loose.

After loosening the wheel, as long as a little bit to explore the body you can see the two small groove placed on the jack, the next is basically physical work. Need to remember that, whether it is to remove the tire or put on the spare tire, must be in accordance with the diagonal order, from top to bottom in turn release or tighten.

Four, double car ride electricity

What happens when the battery is dead? Do not panic, we must first confirm the power supply models on the line before, be sure to turn off the engine. To confirm the positive and negative of the two cars, we must pay attention to: positive pole connected to the cathode, the negative then negative. Do not reverse the negative, otherwise it will cause the computer board burned and so dangerous. Then start the power supply to the vehicle to provide a stable voltage, if the battery is normal, usually 10 to 15 minutes to start.

5, trailer hook and trailer rope

Now most of the cars on the market using a hidden trailer hook, Car Emergency Tools you need to open the bumper on the decorative cover, then hook into the fixed hole hook. And there are many high-end SUV models are used plug-in, trailer rope can be directly buckle in the above.

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