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The Importance Of Automotive Cleaning Supplies
Aug 04, 2017

Choose the right car cleaning supplies, you can clean your own car

Car wash is a necessary thing, but the car wash costs are sometimes very large, for the average family, sometimes can not afford the cost of car washing, but in fact, as long as you choose a good car cleaning supplies, for the occasional cleaning their own car , There is no big problem.

Washing sponge: dedicated car wash sponge is also divided into several categories, try to buy holes in the sponge, with the role of sand adsorption, but also more prone to foam. Car wash sponge is generally cheaper to sell, the larger sponge is better to use.

Car Wash Sponge.jpg

Wiping towel: car weaving fabrics generally have the following types: ultra-fine fiber wiping cloth, suede / artificial suede car cloth and wool car cloth and so on. Car Cleaning Products Car wash should be used to wash the car with a towel to scrub the vehicle, do not use a dry towel to clean the car, because the special car wash towels do not like ordinary towels in the body surface left fine hair, car paint damage is also smaller. And wipe the glass is recommended to use suede fabric, because the suede to the watermarking ability is relatively strong, wiping the glass after the water will not leave the water mark will not keep the hair obstruction line of sight.

Car wash liquid: can not choose acidic too alkaline products, choose a neutral car wash fluid is the most important. If you want to clean their own hands, and want low-cost, Car Cleaning Products then you can choose the method of self-made car wash liquid: shampoo or shower gel and other neutral liquid mixed with water to produce shampoo for cleaning, under normal circumstances a volume of 20L barrels of water to join the weight of 10 cola The size of the shampoo can get a good shampoo effect.

When washing, you should use clean, without sediment, oil, Car Cleaning Products acid and other harmful impurities in the water, if the election of their own cleaning, then you need to ensure that there is no barrels of sand or soil particles and other impurities, so as not to accidentally hurt the paint The If the body adheres to stains (such as guano, insect corpses or muds, etc.), you need to spray some of the surface of the relaxation agent or rinse with water again (do not immediately scrub), soak for a period of time to soften the soil, Car Cleaning Products stick Attached to the insects and other attachments, and then rinse, do not try not to scraping, because it will be easy to scratch the paint.

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