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The Material Of The Tow Rope Is Made Of High-strength Fiber Fabric Or Steel Wire
Nov 03, 2017

After entering the 21st century, there are more and more primary devices on the vehicle installation. However, even when the automobile technology is carried out to a high level of modernization tomorrow, there is no guarantee that the vehicle will be free from any flaws. Under certain conditions, the car needs to be stopped when it is defective or if an accident does not work properly. Most of the time spent in the city car owners seldom have time to come into contact with the trailer under the emergency measures taken in peace, Tow Rope if not properly handled, it will be able to make the original peace of mind for the trailer to form a safe hidden trouble. So tomorrow we'll take a look at the trailer's knowledge.

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Use suitable tow rope

First of all, let's clarify that what we are going to introduce is towing a towing vehicle, that is, a towed towing vehicle is towed in front of a car. And professional rescue of the use of flat-type trailer trailer loading or semi-loading is not the same way, the towing trailer operation is complex and quick, Tow Rope easy to get started, and the use of lower cost. Appropriate owners in the emergency operation of their own, you can handle the problems of the previous fight for precious time.

Tow towed tow tow rope is divided into two kinds of soft tow rope and hard tow bar. The material of the tow rope is mostly made of high-strength fiber fabric or steel wire, and towing hooks and buckles are attached at both ends of the tow rope. Hard tow bar by pipe or iron tube instead of the rope, Tow Rope the same at both ends with a tow hook and lock. For peace of mind and the effect of the trailer, the towbar is undoubtedly the better choice and the trailer has a much better traction transmission when towing, especially when the towed vehicle is under braking control Ensure that the front car brakes too hard when not hit by the car. Of course, Tow Rope dragline is not without merit, space saving, cheap price, the use of sensitive and so are its advantages, and the theory proved that soft towline can be fully used for the basic trailer, precisely because it has also become a private vehicle owners preferred tool.

The correct operation of the trailer

1. Locate the trailer hook in front of the towing vehicle and behind the towed vehicle. Many car trailer hook position design in the lower bumper, usually in the vehicle operation manual marked a clear position, the owner can also look through the front and rear bumper found somewhere hidden space, Tow Rope where the use of round or square cover to cover Status is where car trailer hooks.

2. Some car trailer hooks are split, you need to stop using the assembly. After removing the cover from the bumper, assemble the hook that was carried with the car.

3. Device tow rope. Whether it is the choice of soft or hard tow rope, the device must ensure that when connected to the car hook strong solid, tow hook designed security lock needs to be locked in place. Before the trailer again reflect the situation before and after the convergence. The soft towline with no tow hooks at both ends should be tied to the knot when it is used. If dragging after drafting, it will be very difficult to untangle the towline.

4. Tractor use 1 block to ensure that large torque to provide sufficient traction, and tractor need to control the speed, keep bumpy driving, when feeling a little resistance, increase power input. Manual gear to prevent flipping off the pedal, the use of semi-linkage slow start, so as not to damage the car.

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Trailer note

1. Should choose the eye-catching colors drag rope, Tow Rope such as yellow, blue, fluorescent green, fluorescent red and so on. The color is not striking enough to be hanging on the tow rope black cloth. Try to use a towed towline or towbar with reflective material at night when towing a trailer to increase the warning effect.

2. Tow rope in the same side of the vehicle trailer hook position to stop the device, such as the wrong car hooks on the left, then the tractor should also choose the left hook to ensure that the road after a straight line. Tow Rope And when the device trailer hook must be introspective, to ensure that the trailer hook device is fastened, so as not to use the trailer trailer hook pop-up wounding.

3. Pay attention to before and after the car communication. Trailers have a lot of learning, including the cooperation between the driver before and after the car is very important. Tractors should be reasonable before driving between the road to develop, to avoid the complexity of the road and congestion sections. Tow Rope If there is no walkie-talkie as a communication tool, you need to agree on a good start before the road, speed up, turn, up and down the operation of the communication signals, so before and after the same car control.

4. Control of safe distance. When towing the trailers to avoid rear-end attack, you need to master the car distance and speed. The length of tow rope is usually about 5m ~ 10m, so the distance between the tow rope should be controlled within the effective range of the tow rope to keep the tow rope in a tensioned state. Tow Rope When the trailer speed control in 20km / h or less.

5. Before and after driving the vehicle should be opened double flashing warning lights along the outermost lane, but also can be pasted in front of the tractor "trailer" logo that other vehicles driving carefully.