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The Role Of Automotive Emergency Tools
Aug 15, 2017

Accident is difficult to avoid, if the car travel when the problem when how to do? Hands without a car emergency tools, would like to self-help can not do anything These car emergency tools may usually be inconspicuous, but when necessary, can play a significant role. Look at the car emergency tools 11: folding reflective warning signs, nylon trailer rope, take the power line, inverter, cotton work gloves, multi-function flashlight, car fuse, wear-free tire repair tools, waterproof tape, insulation Tape, fire extinguisher, pump, which piece you are missing?

Here we focus on a few commonly used car emergency tools:

Foldable reflective warning signs

Accident is difficult to avoid, Car Emergency Tools if the car travel time, the car problems, there is a safe parking triangle sign, the owner, there is a certain protection. Car Emergency Tools Now on the market of reflective warning signs are based on the foldable, aspects of admission, will not take place.

Nylon trailer rope

No matter what level of the car, driving on the road will inevitably encounter problems. If the car is bad on the road and can not move forward, as long as the steering or braking system is not a big problem, you can find a car first drag back, and then repair. When buying, pay attention to the length of the rope, width, Car Emergency Tools can withstand the maximum weight.

Note: the trailer rope tied to the front of the front axle after the front of the steel plate, the other end tied to the front of the car as close as possible before the location near the center of the vehicle, the two cars should be separated by more than a few meters. Car Emergency Tools It is best in the trailer rope in the middle of a handkerchief as identification logo.

Trailer, the experienced driver should open the car behind, because the back of the car difficult to control, a little negligence or improper operation, it is possible to press the trailer rope, or turn, but the collision occurred. When the trailer starts, because the burden of a car, Car Emergency Tools the car must be more fuel to improve the engine speed, so that the rope stretched and then start. Driving to control the speed, even if the road is not good and do not drive at high speed.

When the current car shift, the trailer rope will be loose. At this point, the towed car do not step on the brakes. Otherwise, when the car refueling, the trailer rope will suddenly taut, by the impact. Only when the rope fell on the ground in an instant, in order to gently step on the brakes. Car Emergency Tools Downhill if the ramp is very long, you can put the rope down, so that the two cars were slipped down, so safer, if the ramp is not long, you can hang the rope downhill, the car easily do not step on the brakes, Light on the brakes, so that the rope is always taut. At the intersection to be parking, the car before the first light a few brakes, to the car after a signal, and then after the car brakes, the two cars are stopped. Turn, we must pay attention to around the big circle, Car Emergency Tools try to tighten the rope, it will not be dangerous.

Take the power line

Sometimes the car suddenly no electricity, or the battery is broken, can not start, then you need a battery line next to the car to help each other start, very effective.

Note: two cars can not have any contact, two cars of the electronic system to have the same voltage. If the battery is frozen, do not use this start line. The positive line of the start line (red) is connected to the positive pole of the battery to be activated. Car Emergency Tools The other end of the positive clamp is connected to the positive pole of the good battery. The negative line of the starting wire (black) is connected to the negative pole of the good battery. The other end of the negative pole clip to be connected to the car engine to start a fixed metal parts, the farther away from the battery the better. Start the car, immediately after the start in the reverse order to remove the wire clip.

To check the voltage of the two batteries, Car Emergency Tools make sure that the voltage of the two batteries is the same. Close all the load on the car, hanging air gear, pull the hand brake, start the engine. Do not smoke near the vehicle. While ensuring that the battery wiring polarity is correct. Operation, the car can not be in contact with other vehicles.

More than three kinds of car emergency tools are equipped with each car should be, and the other here do not do more, the owners can according to their actual situation with their own corresponding emergency package to prepare for contingencies.