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Tomorrow Is Implemented! Important Notice Of Tax Reform In India! Five Major Export Industry Benefit.
Jun 30, 2017

India's tax reform, China's five major export industries benefit

"The Wall Street Journal" pointed out that the automotive industry, logistics, retail, media and entertainment industry, as well as the cement industry and other five industries will benefit. Imports of five major industry products and their affiliated products will be further increased,especially in the retail industry is the most prominent.


1.The automotive industry is expected to reduce sales prices due to tax cuts;

2.The logistics industry is expected to shorten the transit time, improve efficiency;

3.The current Indian cinema industry must be to the central and provincial governments to pay entertainment taxes and several other taxes, only the entertainment tax rate as high as 27%, tax reform is expected to reduce the industry tax burden, reduce operating costs, profits are expected to improve ;

4.The implementation of more efficient tax system, means that market vendors and roadside vendors are more likely to pay taxes on large taxpayers and retailers to form a more competitive environment;

5.The cement company may pay about 920 rupees per ton tax, lower than the current about 1320 rupees per ton.