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Tow Ropes Generally Have Nylon And Steel Wire
Sep 27, 2017

The towing rope is used for emergency purposes when the vehicle is anchored, and a safe tow rope must be used to secure the trailer, and the following is a safe and reliable tow rope.

1 look at the material of the tow rope.

Tow ropes generally have nylon and steel wire, Tow Rope both have their own strengths, nylon use light, steel wire rope strong degree. But for the average sedan, nylon is enough.

2 Watch the thickness and width of the tow rope.

The towing rope is strong or not, and its thickness and width are inseparable. A thin tow rope must be a bit wider, if it is a round hemp rope, it should be thicker and stronger.

3 View the hook of the tow rope.

The hook is good or bad is the key to the rope's solidity, the rope is strong, the hook is not firm. Looking at the tow rope, to pay attention to see if the hook is durable, Tow Rope a lot of the quality of the hook is poor, lightly a don't loosen, such a drag rope is not safe.

4 Watch the length of the tow rope.

Tow rope too long too short is not good, the appropriate length is 3--4 meters, Tow Rope so that both vehicles to ensure enough distance, but also in time to drag up the car. A long rope makes it easy for the rear car to be pressed onto the tow rope.

5 carefully check if the hook interface is solid.

Tow rope and hooks are no problem, but there is a place can not be ignored, is the tow rope and the connection between the hook is strong, if not at ease can sew a seam.

Tow towing tools used in towing trailers are divided into two kinds: soft tow rope and rigid tow rod. The material of the tow rope is made of high-strength fiber fabric or steel wire, which is tied with tow hook and lock clasp at both ends of the tow rope. The rigid trailer is replaced by a steel pipe or iron pipe, Tow Rope with tow hooks and a lock clasp at both ends. For the use of safety and trailer effect considerations, the trailer is undoubtedly a better choice, trailer when the hard trailer has more excellent traction capacity, especially when the traction vehicle lost braking control, hard trailer can ensure that the front brake is not hit when the car. Of course, Tow Rope the tow rope is not useless, saving space, cheap, flexible use and so on are its advantages, and practice has proved that the soft tow rope can be fully qualified for the basic trailer use, and therefore become the owner of the private car's preferred tool.