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Tow Ropes Generally Have Two Kinds Of Nylon And Steel Wire
Oct 13, 2017

The vehicle problem cannot move, call the trailer too expensive not worth, then the tow rope on the use, no matter what level of the model, should be in the trunk to prepare a set. The appearance of the tow rope is best used in the eye-catching color, most of the rope material can be reflective at night, as far as possible choice. The length of the general tow rope is about $number meters, Tow Rope so the vehicle distance should be controlled within the effective range of the tow rope, and keep the tow rope in a tight state.

The towing rope is used for emergency purposes when the vehicle is anchored, and a safe tow rope must be used to secure the trailer, and the following is a safe and reliable tow rope.

Look at the material of the tow rope.

Tow ropes generally have nylon and steel wire, both have their own strengths, nylon use light, Tow Rope steel wire rope strong degree. But for the average sedan, nylon is enough.

Watch for the thickness and width of the tow rope.

The towing rope is strong or not, and its thickness and width are inseparable. A thin tow rope must be a bit wider, if it is a round hemp rope, it should be thicker and stronger.

View the hooks of the drag rope.

The hook is good or bad is the key to the rope's solidity, the rope is strong, the hook is not firm. Looking at the tow rope, to pay attention to see if the hook is durable, Tow Rope a lot of the quality of the hook is poor, lightly a don't loosen, such a drag rope is not safe.

Watch the length of the tow rope.

Tow rope too long too short is not good, the appropriate length is 3--4 meters, so that both vehicles to ensure enough distance, but also in time to drag up the car. A long rope makes it easy for the rear car to be pressed onto the tow rope.

See if the hook interface is solid.

Tow rope and hooks are no problem, but there is a place can not be ignored, Tow Rope is the tow rope and the connection between the hook is strong, if not at ease can sew a seam.

The maximum tensile strength of a rope can be different depending on the material and manufacturing method. At present, the most common drag rope in the market is divided into 5 tons, 10 tons, 12 tons and 15 tons four kinds, for the general domestic car rescue, 5 tons is enough, Tow Rope if you drive is SUV and often go off-road, it is recommended that you choose a 10 ton or higher tonnage tow rope.

Precautions for towing Ropes

1. Should choose the color eye-catching trailer tool, such as yellow, blue, fluorescent green, fluorescence red and so on. The colors are not striking enough to hang coloured strips on the trailer tools. Use the towing rope with reflective material as far as possible at night to increase the warning effect. Towed vehicles to light up the fault lights, if because no electricity can not light, Tow Rope should have a striking sign such as at the end of the car labeled "Fault car" and so on, to remind the vehicle behind the collision. Both front and rear vehicles should be turned on double flashing warning lights, driving along the most lateral lane, but also in the rear of the tractor can be pasted "trailer" logo signal to other vehicles carefully driving.

2. Trailer tools to the front and rear vehicle trailer hook position to install, Tow Rope such as the fault car for the left hook, then the tractor should also choose the left hook to ensure that the road after the straight drive. And in the installation of trailer hook must be checked afterwards, to ensure that the trailer hook installed fastening, in order to avoid the use of the trailer hook pop-up wounding.

3. Pay attention to vehicle communication. Trailers have a lot of knowledge, and the co-ordination between front and rear car drivers is very important. A reasonable driving route should be established between the trailer drivers to avoid the complicated road conditions and congested roads. If there is no walkie-talkie as a communication tool, you need to be on the road before the start, deceleration, turn, and so on the slope of the operation of communication signals, so that the car control consistent.

4. Control the safety car distance. The use of tow rope trailer to prevent the occurrence of rear-end, need to master the car distance and speed. The length of the general tow rope is about $number meters, so the vehicle distance should be controlled within the effective range of the tow rope, and keep the tow rope in a tight state. Qi Qi Network Automotive supplies experts remind, trailer speed must be controlled at 20 km/h below.

5. The old driver is suitable to drive the faulty car. Experienced drivers should control the rear car, while less experienced drivers should drive in front of the tractor. In the driving, tractor to control the speed, pay attention to maintain a smooth, do not slow suddenly and quickly. Even if the front is flat, straight road, Tow Rope do not hang high speed. When you stop, you should choose a wide area, honk the horn first or notice the car after the gesture, then slow down and continue driving, after judging that the car has already driven by the roadside, then stop slowly.

6. The slope section bends flexibly to deal with potential hazards. The risk coefficient of trailer in the downhill section is obviously increased, Tow Rope and different methods should be treated according to different road conditions. If the ramp is very long, the rope can be solved, let two cars slide down, if the ramp is not long, hanging rope downhill, in front of not easy to slam the brakes, then the car can be light on the brakes, so that the rope is always taut. When the corner, the two cars as far as possible in advance to play the lamp, it is advisable to take the way around the big circle, the most taboo brakes. Through the narrow detour, should be along the road outside, so as not to drive out.

7. Tow rope in traction after the car, should pay attention to the road surface is flat, otherwise it will bring a huge pull rope drag impact and break.