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Traffic Safety Products Play An Important Role In Traffic Management
Jun 15, 2017

In 1968, the United States ROWLAND brothers invented and patented micro-prism reverse reflection technology. This directional regression of the reflective material, widely used in road traffic signs and contour induction device for road traffic safety provides a strong guarantee role. Later, reflective material technology has been successfully applied to personal clothing and automotive lighting equipment, people also use the reflective material technology products collectively referred to as traffic safety products.

Reflective materials in the early eighties into China, mainly for traffic signs, the most representative is used in 1988, China's earliest highway - Shanghai-Jiaxing Expressway traffic signs project. Before the introduction of reflective materials in China, China's auto industry level is also very backward, that period of traffic safety products are limited to simple and simple highway ancillary facilities. Traffic Safety Products Like cement, stone barrier into the wall; enamel, wood, metal brush on the paint made of signs and so on. Such facilities, although also played a number of road demarcation, the function of the guidelines, but from the role of traffic safety, it is almost insignificant. Those solid and simple facilities, not only can not be identified at night, during the day and do not have eye-catching color recognition. Once the vehicle collides with the facilities, it is often a car damage, Traffic Safety Products The establishment of transport facilities, the consequences of which is not to protect the safety of personal property to reduce losses, but to protect the facilities themselves are not damaged, a serious violation of the safety of traffic safety products.

Ministry of Public Security promulgated in 1992, the implementation of GA 36-1992 "People's Republic of China motor vehicle license plate" standard, is the first reflective material technology used in motor vehicle license plate traffic safety products mandatory text. The use of anti-reflective plate, Traffic Safety Products and later the application of the tail plate of the vehicle, not only for the motor vehicle management provides a strong measure, but also for motor vehicle driving easy to identify the car, reduce the occurrence of rear-end traffic accidents played a role can not be ignored The

In 1999, the first formal GB5768-1999 "road traffic signs and marking" national standards introduced, means that traffic safety products on traffic safety management has a very important role.