Safety Vest

The main body of the Safety Vest is made of mesh cloth or plain cloth, and the reflective material is a reflective lattice or a high-brightness reflective cloth. The reflective part of the safety vest is made by using the micro-diamond type of the crystal lattice to produce the refractive and high refractive index of the glass bead retroreflection principle, which is made by an advanced process of post-focusing treatment. It reflects far-reaching light back into the glow, providing good retroreflective optics both day and night. Especially at night, you can enjoy high visibility like the daytime.
The Safety Vest is mainly used by police, road officials, traffic conductors, road maintenance personnel, motorcyclists and bicycle drivers, workers under dark light, etc., who need to use light warnings. Safety suits made from this high-visibility reflective material can be easily found by night drivers, whether they are in the distance or in the presence of light or scattered light.
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